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The future of the E-commerce landscape

The current pandemic has brought uncertainty to many industries, and the growth in logistics was far-reaching than anyone ever expected.


The current pandemic has brought uncertainty to many industries, and the growth in logistics was far-reaching than anyone ever expected. In 2020, we saw ten years of industry growth in three months.  The ongoing pandemic has witnessed a trend of B2C retailers dropping their brick-and-mortar stores and moving their brand online. E-commerce has caused a stir welcoming both old and new customers, figuratively and demographically.

The majority of consumers have been drawn in by the perks of shopping online such as the convenience factor. The e-commerce boom saw a record volume of Black Friday sales to date in the UK with a 250% increase in Google searches. These sky-high records share insight into what is to come in 2021 as nearly 50% of consumers said they plan to continue to shop online even after the outbreak. With such rapid growth, businesses needed to have incorporated a strategy yesterday just to keep up. The market is rapidly changing; retailers need to consider the drastic changes in their key audiences and how to attract and retain such customers. For many businesses, this will be introducing new personas never predicted in their pipeline. 

Moving online may be the right step for your business, but it is far from the simple option. The crowded industry requires conquering constant battles to make your business heard. Consumer expectations are at an all-time high and good customer experience is vital to make or break a brand - it is imperative to be ahead of the game. 



Start by how you are going to get your brand name out there. Using established marketplaces to introduce your brand to the world of e-commerce could be a start. With half of the global e-commerce sales occurring on marketplaces, this could be the ideal place to reach your customers and fast. Social media is always a solution to build a personality and advancing your online presence in a sea of competitors. It’s a great way to have fun with your customers, allowing your personality to shine whilst making sales. 

There is a massive opportunity for retailers to add growth to their business aims in 2021. Fulfilment offers this opportunity and third-party logistic providers, also known as a 3PL, remove the complexity out of cross-border e-commerce. At GRL, we focus on strengthening your logistics without the added cost, so you can rest assured that your fulfilment is in trusted hands, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.

We are currently seeing a demanding increase in client enquiries for fulfilment services, allowing retailers to offer fast, simple, and efficient shipping services to their customers. If you already feel behind the times, this could be your express route to make sure your business is in the right place at the right time. 

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